4 Week Program Results

"I started on the products myself. Spent years looking for something to work and when I found Herbalife it has not failed me since. At 34 years old I'm in the best shape of my life" - Coach Felipe @FamFit407

"Met Coach Felipe through my son. I started Herbalife in October and I am feeling better everyday. He has been a great supporter and Coach in my weight loss. His leadership and overall good advise has helped tremendously. Introduced me to the Tea Bomb of Herbalife products and i have to say, it is amazingly delicious...gives me the energy i need along with it helping my skin shine. Thanks Coach!!" - Laurie Ann @losingweight_togainlife

"It hasn't even been 30 days I already see hella progress" - Pritam Dev @FamfitDev

"Today had the honor of meeting such an amazing person with a great mind set, very professional and killed me in the gym today! To top it off let me try Herbalife24, best line I've tasted. " - Lisa Munoz @fit_life_lisa5562_

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