FamusFit Member Spotlight: Lisa M.

October 12, 2016

As we receive the chance to work with great clients/members, we at FamusFit Nutrition want to share their story with everyone! 

Most people find Herbalife when they need it the most...Here is Lisa.


Name: Lisa Munoz

Location: Orlando, FL 

Family: I have 2 amazing kids; 15-year-old daughter and a very active 10-year-old son.


Favorite fitness activities: Wow! What can I say? I love everything about fitness, but my two favorite things I love to train is my legs and arms.


Favorite leisure activities: In my free time I love to stay busy. I don’t watch T.V. much. Some of my favorite hobbies is outdoor running, baking, and spending as much time as I can with my children. For those with children, sometimes the best things you can do is whatever they want. Whatever tires them out!


How did I find Herbalife? I found Herbalife through a friend. I would also see people with shirts and water bottles when I lived in Miami. I asked about the brand and then was shown the products.


What do I want from Herbalife the most? Wow well I would love to learn more about how everything works as far as the products, but also the business side of Herbalife. What the products do for every part of our bodies is so amazing because they say it will do something and over time you realize it's working!  I would love to see my results change like bulking up my arms, get more lean muscle fibers showing on my legs. Herbalife has made my health goals different at 34 then when I was in my 20's. I want to share with my friends and family that this is a life changing experience that hasn't ended for me and will never end. I want to see them change and get healthier, hence as their mother and immediate role model I have to represent the right decisions.


What is my favorite product? Again, difficulty to answer! It’s hard because I love just about everything Herbalife. I would have to say the HERBALIFE24 line is the best. I’m in love with the taste, ease of use, but most important with any athletic line; THE RESULTS!


What would I try that I haven’t: CR7 drive and Snack Defense and also the Herbalife kids shakes to get my kids started





Here's a little about my life:

Before my fitness journey I was 200 pounds. My weight made me hate life even though I have two amazing kids. I have lived with depression almost all my life but being 200 lbs. was not helping me at all in dealing with my depression. I hated the way I looked, so to hide my pain I got into drugs and drinking. I felt like causing myself pain but it never stops with just yourself. My mother endured because of me pain, tears and sleepless nights. Until one day I just started to walk.



I must’ve walked all day till sundown thinking to myself how long can I continue to do this to myself. To my mother, my family, my kids…


From then I made it a habit every day to walk at least 5 to 6 miles, just me and my thoughts. Saying no more so slowly went from walking to running… I loved the feeling of just thinking it was me alone in the world and nobody to judge me… I quickly lost 10 pounds from running everyday… One day someone came up to me and said “Hey have you tried Herbalife?”


I said “no and I don’t want to try it” …


The day I lost my mother in her battle with cancer I regressed, lost all hope in life, went into a deeper depression that landed me back where I was before. I saw the pain in my kid’s eyes, them saying stop it mommy. It’s sad to say that didn’t stop me…I started to dream of my mother telling me stop it already.


“Okay Lisa this is enough”, I thought to myself.


Seeing her cry in my dreams was so hurtful.


She said, “Promise me no more pain to yourself. Promise me you will stop all of this nonsense”.

The next day I drove into a gym started my journey of not feeling sorry for myself, or thinking this is something I couldn’t deal with. I called a friend of mine and said I want to get on Herbalife and that was the best move I made to lose all my weight. I had lost 75 pounds; I was in the best shape I’ve ever been; the healthiest I had ever been. I wasn’t depressed anymore. You could see me smiling and loving life.


I see my mother in my dreams and she’s smiling back at me. Herbalife has made me who I am today and I will never go back to who I was as long as I have Herbalife and the gym.


Not because of just the products but the lifestyle it gave me, the hope, and the neverending smile I see of mom through all the sweat…



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