Wrestlemania is coming to Orlando!

November 20, 2016



1. Name of event:


 The first event was this past Thursday Nov 18, 2016 in front of the Dr. Phillips Center for the Wrestlemania launch party and the first ticket sales.


2. Volunteer duty and responsibilities – what did you anticipate going into the event? What were your assigned duties at the event?


I expected a wrestling crowd which is a diverse set of people. There would be a good amount of locals but with it being downtown I was expecting a lot of people just passing by and seeing the event. I was given the task before the event of helping around the volunteers tent and roaming.


3. Event logistics – what are the elements of the event that directly relate to what we have discussed in class thus far?


I saw how the event was broken into categories and how they reflected in the responsibilities of the production. The volunteer crew was more of a help where is needed group. There was outside vendors that were given lots to work on and for the most part they took care of their duties around their work areas. The WWE brought their own staff but also worked with NXT and FullSail students to setup the main stage and wrestling ring. It was very similiar to things spoken about in events class. It was evident that there was a lot of pre-production done and on the day of the event the focus was to be ready for anything that might come up and the most important thing, to supervise.


4. Event observations – what kind of unique event details or activation opportunities did you notice on event day?


There was so many activations going on such as the 95.3 FM DJ's being able to perform during the bigger events, chances for shoutouts and promotions. The vendors and all the other staff starting up bigger operations when the launch started at 6pm eastern. When there was more fans the WWE superstars came out and sat by the autograph tents for the fans. All of them was stationed where a fan would have to wait in line near a lot of other tables that had been set up.


5. Management – where there any issues that arose during the event? If so, how were the problems solved?


Not many issues that I saw arose as I feel that the people running the event had a lot of knowledge and planning involved. One thing they probably will work on for the future is that they were so over prepared that there was a lot more volunteers and staff that was needed.


6. Volunteers – how did the event manage their volunteers? As a volunteer, did you feel like it was a valuable experience?


I loved the experience and everyone running the event was kind and fair to all the volunteers. There was a volunteer location where groups could muster, eat a meal, and also speak about tasks behind the scenes. The key to volunteers appeared to have them paired in twos, to know what they have to do before they go out in front of the fans, and also to look like they were a volunteer. We were in different colors that were easily recognizable from afar. I loved the opportunity to be around a large group of people, and while I extremely nervous, after awhile it got easy. 


7. Feedback – what feedback or suggestions would you offer to the event organizers?


My feedback would be to monitor more the numbers, but given how this was the first launch event it would be hard. I would also have had people flyer and promote the event outside of the gates to get more passersby to come in. I think that a lot of people driving or walking past the event thought that it was private.


In the end WWE and FullSail University have a great partnership and it showed with the production. It was so difficulty for people that i spoke to, to believe that students were the ones working on a lot of the production. Kudos to @Fullsail students.





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