March Meltdown and why I love online challenges

February 28, 2017

The last promotion fellow client Laurie placed in the top 4 for total transformation from over 300+ finishers of the challenge. She was given $200 in Herbacash to spend and is already signed up for #MarchMeltdown. I have my sister-in-law Sheila signed up as well. Thats one more than last time :)


I hope to get more people because I love helping people reach better goals for themselves.


I watch Marvel movies way too much; I think about things way too much. I remember in the movie Captain America: Civil War at the beginning when Tony Stark encounters the lady near the elevator and she says as I paraphrase it:

There is a saying that there is a correlation between the amount of charity a man does and the amount of guilt he has in his heart.


I believe that to be true as I love helping other people just because I do. I know some of that is because of guilt. PTSD is hard to deal with, Herbalife has made it easier, but being a wellness coach has made it enjoyable. I have a new mission to guide people. Well here is the promotion for the next challenge, let me know if your interested. Thank you


Last challenge we had one of the 8 winners!!


Registration is open now! The challenge will begin on March 1 and last through mid-April!


The best part is that it's so convenient to participate through our private FB group!


What you will get:

🏃DAILY Exercise plan (5 days a week)


🍖 Weekly healthy recipes for meal planning


🏅Prizes for top improvers


Ongoing support from Founder Coach Felipe!!!! 👭👬




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