These are group projects that I have worked on while completing my Bachelor's in Sports Marketing at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida. These are not authorized for use anywhere outside of the classroom. The information is real research, the work is hypothetical, however the ideas are genuine.

If you think one of my ideas is a good one, please contact me: 305.319.1099

First About Me project

Research Document that went with the slide show.

Market research tackling the NFL team Cleveland Browns. Economic impact, as well as demographic analysis.

RFP (Request for Proposal) response to fictional proposal for the Miami Marlins. Incorporates both sides of the RFP process. Creating an RFP and responding to an RFP with documentation and presentation.

Public relations campaign for Dwyane Wade. Proposed to create a send off tour as has been made by both MLB and NBA for certain future Hall of Famers. Proposal to be ahead of the curve for the Miami Heat player. This project could potentially still happen if Wade were to return to the Miami Heat to retire.



My first design of my personal brand. FAM is my initials and US is what I want to do, help others. Bringing them together is what I found gave me a vision of what I wanted to do with my life.

Crisis response during a media campaign. Used the #DWadeLegend campaign as the basis for the incident. Shows my skills in managing internal and external crisis communications, dealing with the press, social media structure for information.

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